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Alex Musson


Hi, I'm Alex, creator of Mustard magazine. I edit, design and publish the mag (and this website) and write about half of each issue.

I started a black & white version of Mustard many years ago, writing and publishing the photocopied magazines in my spare time around my day-job of website design.

I also performed stand-up comedy for a couple of years (making the BBC New Talent semi-finals), did improv in a group with Isy Suttie, and wrote and performed sketches for BBC Radio 4.

Then I started the new colour, professionally printed Mustard mags that you can buy on this website and in shops. I published four of those over a year and a half before the recession hit, which killed off many indie mags and forced Mustard into hibernation for a while.

I got back into comedy writing when I was comissioned by Alan Moore to write a regular two-page column for his magazine Dodgem Logic. This reinvigorated me on the writing front and helped me build up new content, and so Mustard reappered with issue #05 – three months after the birth of my first son.

Child-rearing and the need to earn more money to support a family has kept new Mustard issues to a slower schedule. Issue #06, #07 and #08 followed, with the latter delivered on the same day as my second son. Since then I have been updating and expanding these as digital issues.

You can contact me at

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