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Four Horsemen Split

Four Horsemen Split

Pestilence has quit supergroup The Four Horseman, citing 'artistic differences'

Pestilence's dramatic departure follows rumours of animosity in the group, centring on an alleged battle for leadership of the group between himself and frontman Death.

In an official statement, Pestilence (real name Harold Wyatt) said "My time with The Horsemen is over. It was an amicable split and I'm looking forward to concentrating on my solo projects, such as Ebola."

The stunned band have 'indefinitely postponed' their Day of Reckoning world tour, despite over seven billion tickets having been sold for the much anticipated 'Rock Apocalypse and also just Apocalypse'.

This is the latest in a string of setbacks for The Horsemen. The group has rarely been out of the press due to their increasingly demanding behaviour: arguing over their riders, insisting on massive entourages (who they then slaughter like cattle) and demanding red carpet-bombings when they arrive at hotels.

On top of all this, they are still recovering from the ill-feeling created by their legal actions against Tolkien's Ringwraiths, JK Rowling's Dementors and the band Metallica.

Commentators have been debating what the remaining members will do now: continue as The Three Horsemen, audition for a new fourth member (Judas Priest's Tim Owens has been suggested), or just split up completely?

Much rests on the health of bandmember Famine, who is rumoured to be suffering from an eating disorder.

"Look at that emancipated frame; he's all skin and bones!" commented the NME. "What sort of example does this set for all the easily influenced young girls who worship the group?"

~ A.M.

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