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Little Dollops of Mustard

A few bits from the magazine

Racism: How it Works

Racism: How it Works

an infographic

Writer's Block: The Big Nasty

Writer's Block: The Big Nasty

First chapters from unfinished novels.

Eat, Shït, and Die

Eat, Shït, and Die

Sandwich chain's name inspires other brands

First World War Problems

First World War Problems

#FirstWorldProblems that were also #FirstWorldWarProblems.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Postscript

Long-lost post-credit scene from the original Jurassic Park.

Catholic Reward Card

Catholic Reward Card

Church launches new communion app

Street Games

Street Games

Play board games out in real life

Mustard FAQ

What and how and when and why?

Q. What is Mustard?
Mustard is an independent comedy mag, jam-packed with funny words and pictures plus exclusive interviews. None other than Patton Oswalt described it as the British answer to The Onion.

Mustard has appeared in episodes of Channel 4's BAFTA-winning sitcom The IT Crowd, quotes from the mag have been used on greetings cards, sections have been reprinted in books and magazines, and John Cleese was photographed buying the mag in London.

Q. What are these 'funny words and pictures'?
Each issue features new comedy stuff, such as satirical news stories, first chapters from non-existant novels, spoof film posters and magazine covers, comic strips, cartoons and more.

Q. Who's been interviewed in the mag?
Everey issue has an extensive, exclusive interview with one of our comedy heroes, including Michael Palin, Graham Linehan (Father Ted), Sam Bain & Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show), Alan Moore (Watchmen), Stewart Lee and Richard Herring, John Lloyd (QI), Robin Ince, and Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia).

Two interviewees liked the mag so much they've written articles for it. Matt Berry (Snuff Box, Darkplace) had a regular column and he also wrote Mustard a song. Alan Moore wote the 'Cult Corner' for issue #05 and also asked Mustard's editor to contribute a regular two-page spread to his underground mag Dodgem Logic.

Q. What do you mean by 'independent' magazine?
- Mustard has no financial backing and is self-published (it's a labour of love)
- All the contributors work for free but retain copyright to their work

Q. How do I get hold of copies?
Individual issues are all sold out, but you can now get an updated and expanded Compendium in digital or print.

Q. Who are the writers, artists, etc?
Alex Musson put Mustard together in his spare time: editing and designing the mag and writing about half of each issue. There are about a dozen other contributors per issue; several regular artists and writers, and a few one-timers.

Q. So do you all work together in an office somewhere?
No, it was just Alex sitting at a laptop with the other contributors emailing stuff every so often. Alex met several of them at work or socially, but some never met at all (one artist lives in Russia). Although a couple of Mustard writers have lived on Akex'sq floor.

Q. Why is it called 'mustard'?
Because of a guy called Derek Wall »

Q. How many issues have there been?
There were six of the original photocopied black & white issues, and eight of the colour issues that you could buy in the shops. More on the different issues »

Q. Is Mustard still going?
Mustard comedy magazine is currently mothballed. But Alex was commissioned to write a novel based on the Myth Mnaagement comic strips, which has recieved rave reviews.

Q. Can I contribute?
Sorry, Mustard is currently closed for new contributions.


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Mustard comedy magazine compendium
Mustard comedy magazine

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Myth Management: a Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel by Alex Musson

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