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James Burley

James Burley

He's a Robot Dad

Staff Artist

James Burley was born in 1970 and has drawn quite a lot since then.

He is a published cartoonist who also writes comedy for radio and animation with work broadcast nationwide and internationally via the BBC.

He is also a voiceover artiste and radio character actor. He is working on a Robot Dad postcard book and worked as a character designer on series two of Aardman Animations' Creature Comforts.

He also created Valiant Cycles for his bicycle cartoons and T-shirts, plus the radio serial Valiant, bicycle detective!

Cartoons James has done for Mustard:


One-panel Cartoons

AT-AT Car Dealership
AT-AT Road Trip
AT-AT Shed


Robot Dad

Robot Dad: Are we there yet? Negative.
Robot Dad: There is nothing in the wardrobe
Robot Dad: Birthday and Christmas presents
Robot Dad: Your drawing is innacurate
Robot Dad: Rollerblades
Robot Dad: Bed Time
Robot Dad v Travel Cot
Robot Dad: Downtime
Robot Dad: Company Car
Robot Dad: Shelf Build Imperative
Robot Dad: CBeebies filter engaged
Robot Dad: My Dad can vaporise your Dad
Robot Dad: Oil and TV
Robot Dad: Timmy burst your ball
Robot Dad: Second Child Pram Downgrade
Robot Dad: Tantrum Force Field Activated
Robot Dad: School Run Fail


Overheard: You'll never find someone who loves you as much as me, becasue you have such a sh*t personality

A.M. / J.B.

Overheard: Years of hard drug abuse and I've still got all my teeth

A.M. / J.B.

Overheard: You should read Catcher in the Rye

A.M. / J.B.


In Brief

We shall never give in to your demands

"We shall never give in to your demands, no matter how reasonable!"

A.M. / J.B.

Morrissey dancers

Morrissey dancers
New craze sweeps England

A.M. / J.B.

Britain sells NHS to America

Britain sells NHS to America
Infrastructure to be shipped over on giant tankers

A.M. / J.B.


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