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Do you suffer from

Jumper Removal Quandary?

Jumper Removal Quandary

We've all felt the sting of JRQ, when you're in a public place and wish to remove your jumper – but you fear that as you do so, your t-shirt will also rise, thus displaying your fat, flabby belly to innocent bystanders (static is not your friend).

Now at long last your embarrassment is at an end, with our patented

Mustard  Jumper Removal Technique™



Hook thumb casually over the bottom of your T-shirt.

Jumper Removal Quandary


With your other hand, reach back and grab the back of the head-hole.

Jumper Removal Quandary


Pull jumper over your head;
t-shirt remains in place!


Dignity intact!

Please feel free to use this in your everyday lives.


~ A.M.

Illo: A.W.

Jumper Removal Quandary: poster

Poster version


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