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Andrew Waugh

Andrew Waugh

This means Waugh

Staff Artist

Andrew Waugh likes to write things and draw funny pictures.
Some of these can be seen at

Andrew did the following illustrations for Mustard:


Satirical News & Articles

Four Horsemen Split

Four Horsemen Split

Pestilence quits, citing 'artistic differences'

Gods of office technology appointed

Gods of office technology

Deities rebranded for 21st Century


Stories & Characters

Writer's Block #2: Mad Men 1980s

#2: Mad Men

"I have slipped beneath your sheets like an incubus."

Writer's Block: The Invention of Time Travel

#4: The Invention
of Time Travel

"Middle-class fear of embarrassment is the mother of invention."

Writer's Block: Whatever Happened To Your Bright Eyes, Johnny?

#5: Whatever Happened To Your Bright Eyes, Johnny?

"Johnny didn't have no problem with no Vietcong. Or no double-negatives."

Writer's Block: Management Tips

#7: Management Tips

"Break the ice in boring meetings with a short introductory rap."

Writer's Block: Binkins, Of Course!

#8: Binkins, Of Course!

"A secret supper! He could already taste the illicit fish fingers."

Skinny & Nod

Skinny & Nod dialogues


Infographics & Adverts

Jumper Removal Quandary

JRQ: Jumper Removal Quandary

Because static is not your friend

Carpe PM: Sieze the Afternoon

Carpe PM

Sieze the Afternoon

House Wine, from Hugh Laurie

A.M. / A.W.

William H Macy swearword substitute for new parents

A.M. / A.W.


Movie Posters


Comic Strips

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Postscript

Long-lost post-credit scene from the original Jurassic Park.

Shallow Grave Ending

Shallow Grave Ending

Christopher Eccleston & Ewan McGregor fight to the death

Bill Paxton's Big Love

Bill Paxton's Big Love

Bill's loving family of sister-wives:
Terminator, Alien and Predator

Reservoir Nuns

Reservoir Nuns

Let's go to church



Michael Palin caricature

Michael Palin

Along with the fish slapping, I want that on my gravestone:
'shot by Robert De Niro'.

The Monty Python legend talks Life of Brian, Fish Called Wanda, Brazil,
winning a BAFTA, his travel series and his novels.
6,300 words

Sam Bain caricatureJesse Armstrong caricature

Sam Bain & Jesse Armstrong

We thought it would be a good way to do comedy,
to get a new perspective, to get inside someone's head.

The writers of Peep Show talk about the show and characters,
as well as writing Fresh Meat, Rev and Babylon.
9,650 words

Alan Moore caricature

Alan Moore

If you put the words in the right order with the pictures
you can create a psychedelic state, a fugue state.

The author of Watchmen and From Hell discusses comics,
comedy, movies and magic over copious amounts of tea.
14,800 words

Stewart Lee caricature

Stewart Lee

I don't want my career to be a smash-and-grab raid.
I'm in this for the long haul.

The comedian, writer and director talks stand-up, TV shows,
Jerry Springer The Opera and being 'the comedian's comedian'.
10,000 words

Richard Herring caricature

Richard Herring

A lot of comedians say they've been inspired by me and Stu,
which is really lovely.

Talking about Time Gentlemen Please, his Hitler moustache,
and being called a 'hidden master of modern British comedy'
7,800 words

Fred Armisen caricatureCarrie Brownstein caricature

Fred Armisen &
Carrie Brownstein

I'll ask Fred if he's stalking me. If so, the show's over.

Co-writers and stars of the acclaimed US sketch show Portlandia,
which affectionately satirizes the hip counterculture of Portland, Oregon.
5,500 words

John Lloyd caricature

John Lloyd

I see my life is a series of ghastly mistakes
that somehow turned out alright in the end.

The legendary producer on Blackadder, QI, Spitting Image,
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Not The Nine O'Clock News and more.
15,000 words

Ray Galton caricatureAlan Simpson caricature

Ray Galton &
Alan Simpson

Amazing to think that if we hadn't contracted TB,
Hancock and Steptoe wouldn't exist.

We talk to the legendary writing team behind Hancock's Half Hour,
Steptoe & Son
and Comedy Playhouse.
3,700 words

Robin Ince caricature

Robin Ince

I'm a reading list comedian.
I want people to be excited by science and philosophy.

The stand-up and creator of The Book Club on his atheist Christmas shows
and podcasts Infinite Monkey Cage and Utter Shambles.
12,600 words

Graham Linehan caricature

Graham Linehan

Most people think a show is made up by the cast as they go.

The writer of The IT Crowd, Father Ted, Black Books, Big Train,
The Day Today
and co-creator of The Fast Show's Ted & Ralph.
10,100 words

Matt Berry caricatureRich Fulcher caricature

Matt Berry &
Rich Fulcher

People say 'I love the clip of you kicking the dog'.

Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher discuss their cult sketch show, Snuff Box.
2,000 words

Dennis Hopper caricature

Dennis Hopper

If you don't go to the movies to think, you're a prick.

Four previously unpublished conversations with Dennis Hopper.
3,100 words

Question Tag caricature

Question Tag

Mustard interviewees ask each other questions
Featuring: Graham Linehan, Michael Palin, Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong,
Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, John Lloyd, Fred Armisen,
Carrie Brownstein, Matt Berry, Rich Fulcher, and Galton & Simpson.
2,000 words



Douglas Adams caricature

Douglas Adams

42 moments from the life of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency author.

Peter Cook caricature

Peter Cook

The greatest hits of a flawed genius, satirical superstar, icon of the 60s comedy movement and proprietor of Private Eye.


In Brief

Lashings and ginger beer!

Lashings and ginger beer!
The rise of Enid Blyton fetish clubs

A.M. / A.W.

This week in the soaps

This week in the soaps
A bit of a whale, some chemicals
and a pubic hair

A.M. / A.W.

Pet Dispensary

Pet Dispensary
RSPCA criticise
puppy-vending machines

A.M. / A.W.

Pop Quorn

Pop Quorn
The cinema snack
with no animal fat

A.M. / A.W.

Bible belt

Bible belt
Easy hip-holder access to the
new and old testaments

A.M. / A.W.

Wii-ja Board

Wii-ja Board
Contact the other side via
your games console

A.M. / A.W.

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes

Health & Beauty
Pamper yourself with our complete bodycare range

A.M. / A.W.

Are You Harder Than a Ten-Year-Old?

'Are You Harder Than
a Ten-Year-Old?'

Controversial new game show

A.M. / A.W.

Everybody Scrubs Frasier

Everybody Scrubs Frasier
Cross-breeding the sitcom

A.M. / A.W.

Haiku tweets

Haiku tweets
Each passing thought,
saved for posterity,
typed from the loo

A.M. / A.W.

'San Miguel' is Spanish for 'same again'

Did you know?
'San Miguel' is Spanish
for 'same again'

A.M. / A.W.

Don't give money to marketing people, 'they'll only spend it on drugs'

Don't give money to homeless marketing people, 'they'll only spend it on drugs'

A.M. / A.W.

Should left-handed and right-handed people marry?

Should left-handed and
right-handed people marry?
Ambidextrous kids
struggle to fit in

A.M. / A.W.

Treacherous road executed

Treacherous road executed

A.M. / A.W.

Murder at butler conventio

Murder at butler convention
Detectives baffled

A.M. / A.W.

MSG in a bottle

I hope that someone gets my
MSG in a bottle

A.M. / A.W.

I'd rather be MC Hammer than Jimmy Nail

I'd rather be MC Hammer than Jimmy Nail
Yes I would, I surely would

A.M. / A.W.

Not so much alpha male as Betamax

Not so much alpha male as Betamax
My dating life

A.M. / A.W.


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