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Face Palm

the undo button for life


Ever wished you could turn back the clock a few vital seconds?
Well now you can!

All it takes is a simple
high-risk surgical procedure

Face Palm
Made a stupid mistake?

Simply slap your forehead to activate Apple's revolutionary facePalm,
and undo your last action.

Have you noticed how people slap their forehead after making a stupid mistake?
Well, that's where we implant your facePalm button!
It's as if all human evolution has been leading up to this moment.

Knocked over an expensive vase?

Locked yourself out the house?

Dropped your iPhone in the toilet?

Insulted the bride during your best man speech?

Face Palm

Spilt coffee on your keyboard?

Told the girlfriend she could lose a few pounds?

Ran over your boss' prize dachshund?

Shot a man?

Note: The facePalm is powered by tachyon energy that is a by-product of the Large Hadron Collider. Each undo requires 7 trillion electronvolts. Please do not use near heavy machinery or animal/plant life.

Warning: Hitting the facePalm undo button more than three times in a row may damage reality. Please do not attempt to travel back 30 years and change your career or marriage as this may tear a hole in the space–time continuum.


~ A.M.

Illo: S.C.

Face Palm: poster

Poster version


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