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Greatest TV Spin-Offs

Everybody's Ambivalent About Gunther
Everybody's Ambivalent About Gunther

Rosencranst and Gildenstein are Dead-style sitcom following the life and death of the Central Perk waiter, with small background cameos from Ross, Joey, etc.

Episode Three: Gunther's life is turned upside down when he meets new waitress Rachel – is his terrible luck finally changing?

Buffy From Behind
Buffy From Behind

Buffy Series Eight: after Sarah Michelle Geller left the show her stunt double contined where she left off.

Much of the snappy dialogue and character interaction was dropped in favour of lots more fight scenes where Buffy has her back to the camera or is quite far away. As writer Josh Sweden put it; "well, it was either this or doing it as a comic book".

The Crane Boys
The Crane Boys

1970s-set crime drama. Grumpy Seattle cop Martin Crane solves crimes with the help of his precocious pre-teen kids Frasier and Niles.

Episode One: The Crane family's world is changed forever when the boys' scientist mother dies in mysterious circumstances. Can the boys solve the case? And will father and sons be able to hold their family together?


Frasier sequel set 15 years in the future, Grown-up son Frederic, now a successful software entrepreneur, has his bachelor life turned upside-down when his elderly father (Kelsey Grammer) moves in.

Episode One: Frederic is dismayed when the gleaming white surfaces of his iPartment are spoiled by the arrival of Frasier and his antique leather armchair.

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