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Turner & Hooch
12 Angry Men

Movie titles recycled

An enterprising film studio is using a copyright loophole that allows them to re-use famous film titles, as long as the new movies have completely different plots. So get ready for these coming attractions:

Turner & Hooch

A 19th Century landscape painter battles his addiction to alcopops.

12 Angry Men

The Bible story told from the disciples' point of view.

Jacob's Ladder

A wide-eyed window-cleaner sees some saucy sights.

The Godfather

The Almighty's dad is hopping mad at the mess his kid made of his Make-Your-Own-Universe kit.

The English Patient

An epic four-hour film set entirely in the queue of a post office. It's the 1950s, so nobody complains.

Sleepless in Seattle

A Starbucks employee gets addicted to coffee and suffers crippling insomnia.

Last Tango in Paris

In post-apocalyptic France, a group of survivors hunt for the last remaining can of fizzy pop.

The ExOrcist

A one-time follower of Sauron tries to go straight.

Meet the Fokkers

WWII drama: Separated from his squadron, a plucky RAF pilot goes up against a fleet of German aircraft.

Dirty Dancing

Sequel to The Full Monty following unemployed coal miners practising ballet down 'tut pit.

Groundhog Day

Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum defend Earth from a race of small but surprisingly vicious marsupials.

Die Hard

An ageing maverick cop overdoses on Viagra.

~ A.M. / R.A. / R.B.

Illos: A.W.


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