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Street Games

Street Games

Your guide to the new craze of live-action board games

Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Players stand around a duck pond with a wheelie-bin under one arm, holding the lid handle. When the ref blows his whistle, they must capture as many ducks as they can in 60 seconds.

Paving Stone Scrabble

Players prise up concrete pavement slabs and inscribe them with relevant letters and numbers. Giant Scrabble boards are chalked out on factory floors or painted onto football fields (see also: Roof-tile Mah Jongg).

Squatter Monopoly

Players move from street to street, squatting in each of the Monopoly squares in turn. Anyone caught breaking and entering Goes Directly To Jail.

Discarded Needle Pick-up Sticks

Players compete to pick up as many discarded heroin needles as they can, without stabbing their fingers and getting infected with some horrible disease.

Mentalist Buckaroo

Players compete to balance hats, spectacles, traffic cones, beer cans, stray cats, etc. on a snoozing care-in-the-community recipient before he wakes up and tries to kill them.

Multi-Storey Connect Four

Using the side view of a multi-storey car park as the board, players take turns hot-wiring red or yellow cars and moving them into position to line four up in a row (see also: Fire Escape Snakes & Ladders).

Extreme Cluedo

Players commit actual crimes which are then investigated by the police, from aggravated assault with a pipe in the kitchen to first-degree murder with a lampshade in the drawing room.

Kama Sutra Twister

Popular at swingers' parties. The ref randomly selects a page from the Indian sex manual, and competing couples must shift positions without falling off the bed or out of each other.

~ A.M. & R.F.

Illo: S.C.


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