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Mustard began as a black and white photocopied zine.
It then evolved into a colour mag, publishing eight issues.
These were later expanded to 9¼ issues in the reduxed collected edition.

You can browse the content of each issue below (or go browse by category):

Mustard issue 01 doodle

issue 01

Including... Jumper Removal Quandary, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Big Nasty, Matt Berry's Favourite Albums, Elephant Man, AdobeFagPacket, Pavlov & Schrödinger, Conan the Victorian, Fandango movie review, and an exclusive interview with Graham Linehan.

Mustard issue 02 doodle

issue 02

Including... Sea Junkies, Avatar Sequels requires New Stage in Human Evolution, Hypostrophe Invented, Mad Men 1980s, Back to the Future Remake, Derring Dos and Don'ts: Women, Skinny & Nod: Self, Apathy March Delayed, MC Escher Stairs, and an exclusive interview with Michael Palin.

Mustard issue 03 doodle

issue 03

Including... Jurassic Park Postscript, Car Breaks speed of smell, First Chapter: Grey Dust, Myth Management: Going Underground, Celebrity Brains, Solipsist Wrestlers, Wallace and Gromit Moon Landing Faked, Robot Dad, Fight Club AGM, and an exclusive interview with Sam Bain & Jesse Armstrong.

Mustard issue 04 doodle

issue 04

Including... When is it Okay to Laugh and Point?, Four Horseman Split, Harsh Tube Lighting Conspiracy, The Invention of Time Travel, Dinosaurs of the Eastern Front, Dirty Harry Krishna, Religious Breakfast Cereals, Everyone v Predator, Overheard, and an exclusive interview with Alan Moore.

Mustard issue 05a doodle

issue 05a

Including... Carpe PM: Seize the Afternoon, Richard Pryor in The Good Life, Angry Loner magazine, Reservoir Nuns, Hedgerowsexual, Your House From Space, Muffin the Drugs Mule, Alan Moore on Jack Trevor Storey, Tyrell Corp Recession, and an exclusive interview with Stewart Lee.

Mustard issue 05b doodle

issue 05b

Including... Animals that come with their own cutlery, Stuffed Poor, World's worst serial killer, Bad Endings: Old Hat, Masters of the University Challenge, Gods of Office Technology, False Idol, Horoscopes, a lost interview with Dennis Hopper, and an exclusive interview with Richard Herring.

Mustard issue 06 doodle

issue 06

Including... Aliens: Queen Takes Bishop, EAT, Shït and Die, Perpetual Emotion Machine, Binge Watching Addiction, Catholic Reward App, Withnail and I, Robot, Mills & Boon Meeting Minutes, Mandelbrot Set Sudoku, Night of the Living Dead Poets Society, and an exclusive interview with John Lloyd.

Mustard issue 07 doodle

issue 07

Including... FacePalm: Undo Button for Life, Mobile Use by Under-Zeros, Linguistically Perfect Caption, Street Games, Big Love: Aliens, Terminator & Predator, Virginia Teenwolf, Suicide Chic, Puppy Vending Machines, 42 Facts about Douglas Adams, and an exclusive interview with Robin Ince.

Mustard issue 08 doodle

issue 08

Including... Infographic: How Racism Works, Fashion Cabal, Crusade to Preserve English Coastline, These Aren't The Droids I'm Looking For, Dr Strangelove Actually, Kids Today, Deadlock in Midwinter Festival, Ugly People's Parking Spaces, and an exclusive interview with Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisten.

Mustard issue 09 doodle

issue 09¼

Including... FBI: Father/Baby Interface, Rubik's Cube Cut-Out, Comic Strip: The Other Side, Young Ones Action Figure, and an exclusive interview with Galton and Simpson.


The original zine

Mustard began as a black and white magazine, with the tagline
"Mustard is photocopied in front of a live studio audience".

Mustard black and white #1
Mustard black and white #3
Mustard black and white #4
Mustard black and white #6

The first issue featured...

The sixth issue, featuring a very real interview with Alan Moore, was on sale in Gosh comic shop in London. Here it was seen by Graham Linehan, who was currently working on a new season of The IT Crowd, and this led to Mustard being read by Moss and Roy on the show.

Mustard on The IT Crowd

The Complete Mustard

Mustard comedy magazine compendium
Mustard comedy magazine

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Myth Management

Out now: Mustard's first spin-off novel

Myth Management: a Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel by Alex Musson
Myth Management: a Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel by Alex Musson

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