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Eat, Shït, and Die

EAT brand inspires copycats

Other companies follow lead of straightforwardly named sandwich chain

The success of London sandwich chain EAT has inspired the branding of two new companies: Swedish portaloo business Shït and retirement home business DIE.

Mr Lamby, owner of DIE (Dignity for the Incapacitated and Elderly), told us that he hadn't actually considered what the initials would spell when he launched the company last month.

"When somebody pointed it out, I was horrified. I thought we'd have to remove all the signs and pulp our stationary. But on the advice of our PR firm, we decided to embrace the logo and run with it, showing ourselves to be a dynamic, forthright brand, with a sense of humour about ourselves."

For Norwegian company Shït, however, the plan was there all along. As owner Karl Umlaüt explained, "Research shows that British people really appreciate straightforward, no-nonsense names for their services. Our toilets are clean, efficient and moderately priced, and with our unambiguous logo stamped on the side, they are easy to find on a crowded high street, or late at night whilst intoxicated."

Mr Umlaut also announced that, following Shït's unprecedented success, they plan to launch complimentary public bathing and barber businesses called Shøwer and Shåve.

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