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Praise for Mustard

"Mustard, well named, always adds a dash of something special."

Michael Palin

"Naughty, observant and very very funny... made me laugh out loud on the tube."

The Telegraph

"Like The Onion?
You'll love Mustard."

Patton Oswalt



"First class original humorous writing."

The Guardian

"Absolutely cracking!"

Channel 4

What's in Mustard?

All the funny stuff, organised by Category

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Satirical News & Articles

Satirical News & Articles

Nanatechnology, fashion cabals, speed of smell, parking spaces for ugly people, secret space arks, TV Listings, and more...

Stories & Characters

Stories & Characters

Colonel Mustard's missives,
First Chapters from unwritten novels,
Bad Endings and Skinny & Nod



When it's okay to laugh and point,
Animals that come with their own cutlery,
Jumper Removal Quandary, and more...



Sea Junkies, Religious Breakfast Cereals, Freudian Slip, Your House From Space, Face Palm, and more...



Single-panel cartoons, Robot Dad,
Overheards, and more...

Comic Strips

Comic Strips

Superheroes, Myth Management,
Dinosaurs, Zombies, and more...

Movie Posters

Movie Posters

Dirty Harry Krishna, Withnail & I Robot,
Living Dead Poets Society, and more...

Magazine Covers

Magazine Covers

Armchair Psychologist, Celebrity Brains,
Angry Loner Monthly, and more...

In Brief

In Brief

Short and sweet news promos



Newspaper front covers



Long-form conversations
with big damn comedy heroes



Cult Corner reviews of hidden gems
and profiles of comedy greats

True Stories

True Stories

Life lessons learned by Mustard contributors

Letters Page

Mustard posters

Front and back cover illustrations

Letters Page

Letters Page

Don't blame us,
you wrote them

Guest writers


Matt Berry's column 01

Matt Berry's columns

Actor and songwriter Matt Berry's regular column, 'Albums that Changed my Life'.

Alan Moore's article

Alan Moore's article

Comics guru and wizard Alan Moore on
'The Trouble with Jack Trevor Storey'.


The Interviews

Mustard is also known for its long,
in-depth interviews –

Michael Palin caricature

Michael Palin

6,300 words

Alan Moore caricature

Alan Moore

14,800 words

Stewart Lee caricature

Stewart Lee

10,000 words

Richard Herring caricature

Richard Herring

7,800 words

John Lloyd caricature

John Lloyd

15,000 words

Robin Ince caricature

Robin Ince

12,600 words

More interviews »


Mustard Celebs

Mustard's run-ins with, like,
proper comedy celebrities

Mustard on The IT Crowd

Mustard in The IT Crowd

Moss reads Mustard in an episode of The IT Crowd,
and Roy is reading it on this photo, used on DVDs and Netflix.

John Cleese buys Mustard

Cleese buying Mustard

In an astonishing coincidence,
I spotted John Cleese buying Mustard
magazine in London.

Alan Moore and Stewart Lee reading Mustard

Moore & Lee reading Mustard

Alan Moore and Stewart Lee
posing with each other's copy of Mustard.

Paper People

Comedy Paper People

Cut-out-and-make paper version
of all the Mustard cover stars.

Comedy Action FiguresComedy Action Figures

Comedy Action Figures

Fictional merchandising range,
painstakingly handcrafted from pixels.


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With music and voiceover by Matt Berry

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Myth Management

Out now: Mustard's first spin-off novel

Myth Management: a Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel by Alex Musson
Myth Management: a Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel by Alex Musson

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The Complete Mustard

Mustard comedy magazine compendium
Mustard comedy magazine

Get the Mustard  Compendium: 
PDF  ·  Paperback

The complete 336-page collection of all 9¼ issues,
featuring new and updated funny stuff, plus expanded interviews.