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OUT NOW! The first Mustard spin-off novel: Myth Management

Myth Management: an Urban Fantasy novel by Alex MussonMyth Management by Alex Musson. A rip-roaring tale of tweed-wearing bureaucrats battling Greek myths across London. From the pages of Mustard comedy mag and presented by Uncanny Kingdom

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The complete Mustard compendium336-page compendium - new and updated material, plus expanded interviews

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Read a few pages from issues 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 & 08.
Moss reads Mustard in an episode of The IT Crowd, and Roy's reading it on the cover of the American DVD.
In an astonishing coincidence, I spotted John Cleese buying Mustard magazine in London.
Matt Berry in Mustard
Alan Moore in Mustard
Actor/songwriter Matt Berry writes a regular column and comics guru/wizard Alan Moore has also guest-written.
Cut-out-and-make Mustard cover stars! Michael Palin, Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring and Peep Show and IT Crowd crews.
Mustard's interviewees ask each other questions. Featuring Linehan, Palin, Bain, Moore, Berry, Lee, Herring, Lloyd, etc.
New, from Mustard Fictional Merchandising, fully poseable action figures, painstakingly handcrafted from pixels.
Signed by Linehan, Palin, Bain & Armstrong, Moore, Lee & Herring, Lloyd and Ince.
Mustard #01: Graham LinehanMustard #02: Michael PalinMustard #03: Peep Show's Bain & ArmstrongMustard #04: Alan MooreMustard #05a: Stewart LeeMustard #05b: Richard HerringMustard #06: John LloydMustard #07: Robin InceMustard #08: Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen
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