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Mustard #04: Alan Moore

issue #04

36 pages of funny words and pictures
plus an exclusive interview with Alan Moore,
acclaimed author of Watchmen and From Hell

Print sold out

PDF: Dec 2014

iPAD: Dec 2014

Updated digital edition coming soon. Preview pages below
- click on any green-bordered page to enlarge:

Mustard #04 page 02Mustard #04 page 03Mustard #04 page 04Mustard #04 page 05Mustard #04 page 06Mustard #04 page 07Mustard #04 page 08Mustard #04 page 09Mustard #04 page 10Mustard #04 page 11Mustard #04 page 12Mustard #04 page 13Mustard #04 page 14Mustard #04 page 15Mustard #04 page 16Mustard #04 page 17Mustard #04 page 18Mustard #04 page 19Mustard #04 page 20Mustard #04 page 21Mustard #04 page 22Mustard #04 page 23Mustard #04 page 24Mustard #04 page 25Mustard #04 page 26Mustard #04 page 27Mustard #04 page 28Mustard #04 page 29Mustard #04 page 30Mustard #04 page 31Mustard #04 page 32Mustard #04 page 33Mustard #04 page 34Mustard #04 page 35Mustard #04 page 36

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Cut out and make paper versions of Mustard cover stars, including Alan Moore, Michael Palin, Lee & Herring, Matt Berry, Rich Fulcher and the casts of IT Crowd and Peep Show.

Alan Moore poster

Alan Moore poster »
Downloadable desktop-wallpaper sized versions of the Alan Moore poster I created for series 4 of The IT Crowd (based on Mustard #04).

Alan Moore and IT Crowd

Alan Moore and Roy from The IT Crowd reading Mustard »
Real photos of Roy reading the Alan Moore issue of Mustard and Alan Moore reading our IT Crowd issue, Photoshopped together into one pic.

Alan Moore and Stewart Lee

Alan Moore and Stewart Lee reading Mustard »
I took this photo of Alan Moore and Stewart Lee reading each other's issue of Mustard at the Dodgem Logic party.

Alan Moore / IT Crowd

Weird Alan Moore coincidence at The IT Crowd »
A strange Alan Moore coincidence I saw whilst attending the filming of the second series of The IT Crowd.

Alan Moore Cards

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Quotable Cards have released a card featuring a quote from Alan Moore's interview in Mustard issue #04.

A genuinely entertaining comedy mag, Mustard is funny and smells delicious. We approve.


Naughty, observant and very very funny... made me laugh out loud on the tube. A satirical gem.

The Telegraph

Brilliantly funny!


As seen in The IT Crowd
(if you look really closely)

Mustard, well named, always adds a dash of something special.

Michael Palin

Mustard is put together by funny people who clearly love comedy.

Richard Herring

Endlessly hilarious and
effortlessly cool. Could be the UK rival to The Onion.

Alan Moore

First class original humorous content. More than enough to keep comedy fans happy.

The Guardian

Absolutely cracking!

Channel 4