Mustard comedy magazine: Issue #05a
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Issue #05a


Mustard Lee & Herring Editorial

- Alex

This issue's Evil Corporate Sponsor
This issue's Obligatory Movie Quote
"We lost the band!"

In this issue:


Satirical News & Articles

Richard Pryor in The Good Life

Richard Pryor in The Good Life

Great Casting Mistakes in History

Creators of Vanity Mirror launch Gluttony Fridge

Gluttony Fridge

From the creators of the Vanity Mirror

Richmond destroyed by pasta-antipasta explosion

Pasta-antipasta explosion

Richmond completely vaporised

Obituary of a hedgerowsexual

Obituary of a hedgerowsexual

D. E. Obituary died in a flowerbed

Recession hits Tyrell corp

Recession hits Tyrell Corp

New models have boggly eyes and nylon hair

Movie Title Recycle

Movie titles recycled

Studio to re-use famous film titles

Matt Berry's Albums That Changed My Life

Matt Berry's Albums That Changed My Life

#5: London, Quakermass 1979

Comic Strips

Reservoir Nuns

Reservoir Nuns

Let's go to church

Muffin the Drugs Mule

Muffin the Drugs Mule

A fun trip to Columbia

I Married a Zombie

I Married a Zombie


Stories & Characters

Derring Dos & Don'ts: #5: The Poor

Derring Dos & Don'ts
pt.5: Poor

"Sponge off your relatives: I've wrung my folks, in strict rotation, 'til they squeaked."

Skinny & Nod

Skinny & Nod
#5: Bag

"There's a good case for locking up anyone normal looking."

Infographics & Adverts

Carpe PM: Sieze the Afternoon

Carpe PM

Sieze the Afternoon

Your House From Space

Your House From Space

A photograph to treasure

101 Empty Platitudes

101 Empty Platitudes

A banal cliché for every occasion

Movie Posters & Mag Covers

One-Panel Cartoons

Overheard: Different? Getting a sex change is just weird

A.M. / H.S


Stewart Lee caricature

Stewart Lee

I don't want my career to be a smash-and-grab raid.
I'm in this for the long haul.

The comedian, writer and director talks stand-up, TV shows, Jerry Springer The Opera and being 'the comedian's comedian'.
10,000 words

Paper People

Paper People: Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee Paper Person

Cut-out-and-make comedian.

Cult Corner

Alan Moore on Jack Trevor Storey

Cult Corner: Jack Trevor Storey

Alan Moore waxes lyrical on the author of The Trouble With Harry.

True Stories

#1: Face: Off

"I could see my ear next to my shoulder."

#2: A swell time

"Tears spurt vertically from my eyes."

Letters Page

Letters Page

Letters Page: Issue #05a

"The most middle class thing I've ever read."

Covers & Posters



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Mustard #05a

All text and images are © their respective authors.

Cover: Doodle version by A.W.
Real version: Stewart Lee photo © Steve Ullathorne

Thanks: Isabel Hopwood, Warren Ayling, Alex Ashworth, Guy Cuthbertson, Val Stevenson,
James Sherwood, Lindsey Clarke, Peter More, Pamela Norris, Kevin O'Neill.

This issue is dedicated to everyone born on September 12th 2010.

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