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Comedy Action Figures

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Neil from The Young Ones - action figure
Neil, The Young Ones
Fully poseable inaction figure, comes with full set of biros, pencils,
Polos, chewing gum and gonks.
Suitable for vegetarians.


Moss, The IT Crowd - action figure
Moss, The IT Crowd
Comes with fire extinguisher (extremely flammable).
May require turning off and on again.
Call now: 0118 999 881 999 119 7253


Larry, Curb Your Enthusiasm - action figure
Larry, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Doubles as squeezy stress toy. Comes with doll's head and tiny scissors.
"Pretty, pretty, pretty... good."
- What Toy?


Alan, I'm Alan Partridge - action figure
Alan, I'm Alan Partridge
Norwich's broadcasting legend comes complete with traffic cone,
large Toblerone and twelve-inch dinner plate.


Chris, Brass Eye - action figure
Chris, Brass Eye
Poseable action-news figure, comes complete with cake drug
and nailed paedophile crab.
This is a made-up toy.


Edmund Blackadder - action figure
Edmund, Blackadder II
This Elizabethan figurine comes with cape, spare codpiece, bottle
of his own urine and a rotting severed head.


Kevin Eldon - action figure
Kevin Eldon
British comedy's most prolific toy accessory finally
gets his own action figure: It's Kevin!


Del Boy - action figure
Del Boy, Only Fools and Horses
Action figure speaks three phrases:
"He who dares wins!", "You Plonker" and "Lovely Jubbly"


Summer Heights High - action figure Summer Heights High - action figure
Summer Heights High
Chris Lilley double pack: director of Performing Arts Mr G,
plus troubled teen Jonah Takalua


Created by D.P.


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