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Mustard on The IT Crowd

Mustard magazine has appeared on The IT Crowd several times

In 2007 Graham Linehan, writer of The IT Crowd (and Father Ted, Black Books etc.) picked up an issue of the original black-and-white photocopied Mustard magazines in Gosh comic shop. He asked to use it as set dressing in The IT Crowd,as part of the 'cult' ephemeria scattered around the guys' office. We of course said yes, and this led to a few appearances on the show:


1. Being read by Chris O'Dowd in an official series 2 group photo

The mag ended up being used as a prop when these offical photos were taken. This photo turned up a lot in newspapers and magazines at the time, and I also saw it up on the wall in reception at Talkback studios, which is nice.


2. Being read by Richard Ayoade in series 2 episode 'Moss and The German'.

In 'Moss and the German' there's a scene where Moss is talking to Jen in the office and he's reading Mustard (see above) – he has the cover turned up slightly, so you get a decent look at it.


IT Crowd American DVD

3. On the cover of the US edition of the series 2 DVD.

That photo with Roy holding Mustard turns up again - this time on the cover of the American DVD.


4. Being held up by Graham during the set tour on the series 3 DVD.

There's a Set Tour on the DVD of The IT Crowd series 3, where Graham Linehan points out the many geeky things they've spread around the office set. At one point he holds up a copy of Mustard magazine, calling us "a friend of the show". Lovely!


5. Our Alan Moore poster can be seen several times in series four.

Mustard Alan Moore poster

In preparation for the filming of IT Crowd series 4, Graham sent out a call for cool stuff to use on set. I sent him an A2 sized Alan Moore poster (see right), based on the original cover to Mustard issue #04. You can see it in most episodes of series 4, either through the kitchen window, or above the kitchen doorway (there's two copies).

If you like the poster, you can download it as free desktop wallpaper.


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