Mustard comedy magazine: Issue #09
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Issue #09


Monkey at a iPad

There's always a bit left over when you've put something together, isn't there? In this case its a handfull of articles, a comic strip, and a couple of interviews. So here they are...

- Alex

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This issue's Obligatory Movie Quote
"Would you say I had a plethora?"

In this issue:


Satirical News & Articles

Empire collapses under weight of paternity cases

Empire collapses under
weight of paternity cases

Sith Lord thought to have fathered hundreds of illegitimate children


FBI: Father- Baby Interface

FBI: Father-Baby Interface

Law enforcement style flak jacket / baby carrier

Comic Strip

The Other Side

The Other Side

What drove the chicken to do it?
What did his last words mean?

Stories & Characters

Bad Endings

Bad Endings
#4: Streep Cred

"Ms Streep phrased it as a statement rather than a question."

Monkey at Typewriter


#1: Manly things I have yet to do
#2: First draft chat-up lines
#3: Phrases I use when I have no idea


In Brief

Not so much alpha male as Betamax

Not so much alpha male as Betamax
My dating life

A.M. / A.W.


Rubik's Cube cut-out


One-Panel Cartoons


Ray Galton caricatureAlan Simpson caricature

Ray Galton & Alan Simpson

Amazing to think that if we hadn't contracted TB,
Hancock and Steptoe wouldn't exist...

We talk to the legendary writing team behind
Hancock's Half Hour, Steptoe & Son and Comedy Playhouse.
3,700 words

Question Tag caricature

Question Tag

Mustard interviewees ask each other questions
Featuring: Graham Linehan, Michael Palin, Sam Bain, Jesse Armstrong, Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, John Lloyd, Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Matt Berry, Rich Fulcher, and Galton & Simpson.
2,000 words

Cult Corner

Vivian Stanshall

Vivian Stanshall

Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band's singer-songwriter,
painter, musician, author, poet and wit.

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