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David Bussell

David Bussell

But... you're a horse

Staff Writer

David is a writer/performer/stand-up comedian/

To keep up with David visit
or follow him on Twitter @Busselling.

For Mustard, David acted as comedy consultant on the digital editions,
as well as writing the following:


Satirical News & Articles

Voice-activated movie failure

Voice-activated movie ordering failure

Title recognition "not up to the task"

Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes

Mills & Boon-reading secretary
spices up meeting notes

iPhone Tips

iPhone Tips

To annoy your spouse


One-panel Cartoons

Solipsist Wrestlers


World's Best Mum: There can be only one



Stories & Characters

Bad Endings: Old Hat

Bad Endings
#1: Old Hat

"The man who sat beneath my brim
was just a sloppy reconstruction."

Bad Endings: Suicide Chic

Bad Endings
#2: Suicide Chic

"We need to make suicide uncool.
That's where you come in."

Bad Endings: Bieber4Ever

Bad Endings
#3: Bieber4Ever

"Justin's tooth sold for
four thousand dollars"

Bad Endings: Streep Cred

Bad Endings
#4: Streep Cred

"Ms Streep phrased it as a statement rather than a question."

Writer's Block #2: Mad Men 1980s

Writer's Block
#2: Mad Men 1980s

"I have slipped beneath your sheets
like an incubus."

Monkey at Typewriter


#1: Manly things I have yet to do
#2: First draft chat-up lines
#3: Phrases I use when I have no idea


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