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Eva Tater

Eva Tater

Glass half-fuel

Staff Writer

Eva has been writing for Mustard since the early black & white issues

She met Mustard editor Alex Musson when they worked at web design agency Saltmine, along with Mustard contributors Arthur Wyatt, Steve Jones, Chris Lucani and Monster Billy.

She wrote the following:


Satirical News & Articles

Past-It sticker craze sweeps Britain

Past-It stickers

Craze sweeps Britain

TV official draws sad face

TV official draws sad face

Accusations of dumbing down

Mustard Horoscopes

Mustard Horoscopes

by Agnes McScratch

Screw Sweden

Screw Sweden

Country to be dismantled and rebuilt


Writer's Block

Writer's Block: Management Tips

#7: Management

"Break the ice in boring meetings with a short introductory rap."


True Stories

Hasta la Visa

Hasta la Visa

"Traffic lights are for guidance only here, so try not to look."




League Of Procrastinators; send SAE for application form. Timewasters please.

Real Ale Appreciation Society; send SAE for application form. No wine-tasters please.


Multiple record-breaker requires better music storage solution.

Nutcase with Messiah complex and pessimistic outlook wanted to oversee group suicide next Wednesday.

Bankrupt baker kneads some dough. Please send cheques to PO Box 296.


Dizzy blonde looking for chemist stocking Kwells. PO Box 923.

Neurotic woman looking for something else to worry about. PO Box 111.

Want to know how others see you? Lazy writer looking for intense emotional relationship to plagiarise for next novel. PO Box 453.


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