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Mills & Boon-reading secretary spices up meeting minutes

Meeting minutes

3.3 With confident, thrusting hand movements and penetrating steely gaze, Roger guided us through his PowerPoint presentation on quarterly profits.

3.4 Emily brought us up to speed on the marketing campaign. Running a hand coquettishly through her flame-red hair whilst lasciviously crossing and uncrossing her milky white thighs, she reported that Roger's efforts have inspired huge results in her sector.

3.5 Loosening the top button of her blouse and leaning forward to accentuate her décolletage, Emily expressed concern over Roger's growing workload and suggested they find time to explore the mounting action at Head Office.

3.6 Shifting in his seat, Roger gulped audibly, replying that he would certainly welcome any help to ease the pressure, then flushed rose pink at the unintended duality of his words.

3.7 Tracy from Accounts shot Emily a wicked look. This was so like her, to make eyes at another's suitor! It had been this way ever since they had attended Lady Grace's finishing school and Emily had led the vicar's son astray. Well, not this time! Leaning over to highlight a point on Roger's brief, she lightly brushed his hand, so gently as to seem accidental.

3.8 Roger felt a jolt of electricity at the touch of Tracy's velvety flesh, and as they locked eyes he felt his sap rise further. But still, he was torn, dragged like a moth to the flame of Emily's heaving bosom.

3.9 Sensing victory, Emily threw back her head to aim a throaty laugh at the sky polystyrene tiles of the meeting room's suspended ceiling.

4.0 Eric reported on the implementation of national pay scales in the North West. No comments or objections.

4.1 Tracy knew she must fight fire with fire to combat Emily's scandalous advances. Slipping off a peach-coloured suede moccasin, she slyly extended a stockinged foot under the table, letting it land gently on the pulsating warmth of Roger's loins.

4.2 Roger yielded to Tracy's touch, fire igniting within his soul as his engorged member strained violently against the corduroy prison of his britches.

4.3 Sensing a worthy challenge to her wanton provocations, Emily advanced the game to match point, placing a Biro bearing the company slogan betwixt her cherry-red lips and suggestively working the nib with her nimble tongue.

4.4 Not to be outdone, Tracy continued to work her foot up and down Roger's manhood, caressing his glands exquisitely with adroit manipulations of her delicate toes.

4.5 Furiously fanning herself with a stapled sheaf of agenda items, the minute keeper requests a five minute comfort break.

~ A.M.

Illo: A.W.

Illo: S.C.


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