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Wallace & Gromit moon landing faked

Wallace & Gromit moon landing faked

A conspiracy theorist has published what he claims to be conclusive evidence that Wallace and Gromit's trip to the moon in A Grand Day Out was a hoax.

I am convinced the footage was, in fact, faked in a film studio, probably in Bristol," claims Mr Adler.

"Aardman were keen to raise public spirits and draw attention away from the Morph sex scandal of 1988. I phoned Nick Park and put it to him that the landings were nothing more than a cover-up. He said I was mad. Well, that's exactly what Aardman want you to think."

In his book The Aardman Conspiracy, Adler has published photographs that he says prove the operation was a hoax. He takes us through them:

"Here we see the famous 'cheese eating' shot. Now, some shots show them slicing moon sections effortlessly with a small knife, suggesting it is a mild, soft cheese such as Brie. However, Wallace and Gromit leave no imprint on the moon's surface, as if it were a mature cheddar."

"Aardman were embroiled in a bitter race with Disney to get their characters to the moon first," claims Alder.

"Disney have wanted to go to the moon since 1967 in order to deposit Walt's cryogenically frozen body as per his final wishes. However, Walt never got his wish to enter space – their 2002 movie Treasure Planet was also a fake."

~ A.B.


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