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Moore & Lee reading Mustard

I took this photo of Alan Moore and Stewart Lee posing with each other's copy of Mustard at the Dodgem Logic event (part of the London Word Festival) at The Round Chapel in Hackney, May 4th 2011.

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Mustard in The IT Crowd publicity photos

Mustard magazine seen on The IT Crowd »
Mustard can be seen several times on Channel 4's BAFTA-winning comedy The IT Crowd:
* Moss is reading it during the episode 'Moss and the German'
* Roy is reading it in an official publicity photo
* That photo is also on the cover of the American series 2 DVDs
* Graham Linehan points out Mustard on the series 3 DVD extras
* Our Mustard Alan Moore poster's on the wall in most series 4 episodes

Paper People

Cut-Out-and-Make Paper People »
Cut out and make paper versions of Mustard cover stars, including Alan Moore, Michael Palin, Lee & Herring, Matt Berry, Rich Fulcher and the casts of IT Crowd and Peep Show.

issue #01

Graham Linehan interview online »
The full Graham Linehan interview from the sold-out Mustard issue #01 is now online. The writer of Father Ted, Black Books, The IT Crowd, Big Train, The Day Today and Fast Show.

Alan Moore

Alan Moore interview in Mustard #04 »
Mustard issue #04 features a 12,000-word interview with Alan Moore, author of Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell, V for Vendetta, etc. Buy it for just £2.50.

Alan Moore poster

Alan Moore poster »
Downloadable desktop-wallpaper sized versions of the Alan Moore poster I created for series 4 of The IT Crowd (based on Mustard #04).

Alan Moore and IT Crowd

Alan Moore and Roy from The IT Crowd reading Mustard »
Real photos of Roy reading the Alan Moore issue of Mustard and Alan Moore reading our IT Crowd issue, Photoshopped together into one pic.

Alan Moore / IT Crowd

Weird Alan Moore coincidence at The IT Crowd »
A strange Alan Moore coincidence I saw whilst attending the filming of the second series of The IT Crowd.

Alan Moore Cards

Alan Moore quote greeting cards »
Quotable Cards have released a card featuring a quote from Alan Moore's interview in Mustard issue #04.

Mustard #01: Graham LinehanMustard #02: Michael PalinMustard #03: Peep Show's Bain & ArmstrongMustard #04: Alan MooreMustard #05a: Stewart LeeMustard #05b: Richard HerringMustard #06: John LloydMustard #07: Robin InceMustard #08: Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen
Myth Management

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Mustard trailer
Mustard trailer »
Watch our trailer, featuring music and narration from Matt Berry!
Question Tag
Question Tag »
Mustard's interviewees ask each other questions. Featuring Linehan, Palin, Bain, Moore, Berry, Lee, Herring, Lloyd, etc.
Paper versions of Michael Palin, Alan Moore, Peep Show and IT Crowd
Paper People »
Cut-out-and-make Mustard cover stars! Michael Palin, Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring and Peep Show and IT Crowd crews.
Mustard on The IT Crowd
Mustard on The IT Crowd »
Moss reads Mustard in an episode of The IT Crowd, and Roy's reading it on the cover of the American DVD.
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